Photos By Angie and Paul: Blog en-us (C) Photos By Angie and Paul (Photos By Angie and Paul) Fri, 27 Nov 2020 20:20:00 GMT Fri, 27 Nov 2020 20:20:00 GMT Photos By Angie and Paul: Blog 80 120 Black Friday Specials Hello and happy holidays everyone! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy! what a crazy year this year huh? I am looking forward to 2021!

I am excited to announce the annual Black Friday specials! They are very similar to my usual deals! There will be ONE single half priced session, and several all inclusive packages available. The only difference is that the sessions will be valid from April 1st 2021 to November 30th 2021. 

This year I gifted all images to all sessions but next year I will go back to a set number of images included with the ability to purchase more. SO the all inclusive package deal will be a great deal! 

THANKS FOR SHOPPING SMALL BUSINESSES! These sessions are how I support my family and it means the world to us! Alright, enough mushy stuff, deals are live!

SOLD! ONE half priced session! This is good for a full session (60 mins) Location of choice between Tacoma/Puyallup and Renton and you get 30 high res images sent via digital download. It available to use between April and October of 2021!  Be quick to snag this one, it will go first! Click below to purchase:



(SOLD OUT!! ) All inclusive full sessions! This is good for full sessions (60 mins) location of Choice between Tacoma/Puyallup and Renton and you get ALL images taken from session sent via digital download. It will be available for use between April 1st and November 30th 2021 Click below to purchase


ONE all inclusive Adventure Session! This is good for one 90 min session at a fun/adventurous locations (think mountains etc) with no location limitation in western WA (and possibly some eastern wa locations as well) and included all images sent via digital download! This is good between April 1st and November 30th 2021! Click below to purchase:



That is all for now friends! I cant wait to see you all again next year! Stay safe and healthy and have the best holiday season! 


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Family Easter mini sessions Hey Everyone! 

Oh my gosh! How many of you got snow that stuck around these past two days?? Mine melted fast (thankfully) I SO LOVE snow, but after Snowmaggedon and the cabin fever it brought, Im DEFINITELY ready for some spring time sunshine!!! How about you??

And another fun thing that comes with Spring is EASTER! AND I don't usually run mini sessions this time of year BUT for some reason I have felt the need to not only run my MOMMY AND ME (if this sounds more like what you are looking for you can sign up here ) in may BUT I think Easter Sessions at one of my MOST FAVORITE locations, Wild Hearts Farm, would also be SO FUN! SO I am doing it! And who knows, if these easter and mommy and me sessions do well, then maybe I will think about adding them into my regular schedules from here on out! We'll see! :) Anyways, I rented the truck which will have such a cute easter set up BUT there are so many other cute spots (tree swing, gorgeous white barn, pond and MORE! I'll post pics of Owen so you can see all this beautiful place has to offer!) And what's great about this location is that if the weather is not in our favor, which could TOTALLY happen in spring, there are a few spots with cover so we can continue our shoot regardless of rain etc. 

SO here are the details: 


Saturday April 13th At WILD HEARTS FARM in Puyallup 

20 MIN sessions // 10 high res images 

$199 plus tax

To book: 

**Update: only spot available is 1030a! **click below to book it

So get your easter best on and meet me at the farm! I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!!

IMG_9566IMG_9566 IMG_9581IMG_9581 IMG_9585IMG_9585 IMG_9601IMG_9601 IMG_9618IMG_9618 IMG_9622-2IMG_9622-2 IMG_9633IMG_9633 IMG_9641IMG_9641 IMG_9650IMG_9650 IMG_9651IMG_9651 IMG_9666IMG_9666 IMG_9687IMG_9687 IMG_9694IMG_9694 IMG_9709IMG_9709 IMG_9701IMG_9701 IMG_9706IMG_9706 IMG_9722IMG_9722

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First ever Mommy and ME Sessions " A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take"

Raise your hand if you agree?! (insert me raising my hand high). I am super duper excited to be able to offer for the first time a MOMMY AND ME sessions at the beach just in time for MOTHERS DAY! Its such a great time to get IN FRONT of the camera with your sweet little (or big now) babes and celebrate being their mommy. Too often mama's are BEHIND the camera taking the photos and not in them, until their ONE annual family photo session (usually in the fall or winter for holiday cards).

AND before you complain about not liking your photos taken please think about this: YOUR KIDS WILL WANT PICTURES OF YOU AND WITH YOU IN THEIR ADULT LIVES!!!!!! So lets all get dolled up, and have some fun with just YOU and your beloved kiddos! Who's coming!?

Session details:

May 4th, 2019  $189.00 plus tax

15 min session / 8 high res images


Limited times available so dont wait


Times available



Sessions currently booked:

10:00 a Kim V

10:15 a Heather H

10:30 a Stephanie C


Z18A0878Z18A0878 Z18A0886Z18A0886 Z18A0925Z18A0925 Z18A0946Z18A0946   Z18A1161Z18A1161 Z18A1187Z18A1187 Z18A1193-2Z18A1193-2 Z18A1202Z18A1202 Z18A1246Z18A1246 Z18A1386Z18A1386 Z18A1387Z18A1387 Z18A1394Z18A1394 Z18A1455Z18A1455




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Happy SMALL BUSINESS SAT to all you small business owners! I am so thankful you are all here! I hope you all had a great thanksgiving! ALRIGHT ON TO SHOPPING!


1. ONE HALF OFF SESSION! Includes: 60 min session, 30 high res images (so 10 bonus) at location between renton and tacoma/puyallup! BLACK OUT MONTHS (for weekends- weekdays are ok) Aug-Nov.

2.ONE $100 OFF SESSION! Includes: 60 min session, 30 high res images (so 10 bonus) at location between renton and tacoma/puyallup! BLACK OUT MONTHS (for weekends- weekdays are ok) Aug-Nov.

3.ONE $75 OFF SESSION! Includes: 60 min session, 30 high res images (so 10 bonus) at location between renton and tacoma/puyallup! BLACK OUT MONTHS (for weekends- weekdays are ok) Aug-Nov.

4.ONE $50 OFF SESSION! Includes: 60 min session, 30 high res images (so 10 bonus) at location between renton and tacoma/puyallup! BLACK OUT MONTHS (for weekends- weekdays are ok) Aug-Nov.

TO PURCHASE THESE, CLICK BELOW AND USE THE DROP DOWN TO SELECT! NOTE: if it takes you back to my website, the one you are trying to purchase is sold out! I will not be available on sat to update regularly BUT I WILL TRY! 



THEN I HAVE "ALL INCLUSIVE" SESSIONS AVAILABLE (3) which are $375 plus tax and come with NO BLACK OUT DATES, ALL IMAGES INCLUDED (huge savings right there) AND LOCATION is renton to tacoma OR CAN INCLUDE ONE OF MY ADVENTURE LOCATIONS (North bend area)! To buy click below:


(Photos By Angie and Paul) Sat, 24 Nov 2018 15:00:00 GMT

I am so excited to offer these specials! This year I decided not to offer Black Friday BUT INSTEAD I chose to run a Small Business Special instead. Why? Well I am a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER! I TRULY TRULY appreciate all of those who have supported me over this last decade and I am PROUD to be a small business owner SO i will run a SMALL BUSINESS SAT SPECIAL! 

They will be similar to the ones I have run in the past year JUST now on sat! AND I encourage you to support other small businesses this season as well! IF you are a small business owner PLEASE feel free to comment on this post with a link to your websites so we ALL can search / shop your business as well! 

Keep an eye out! MY link will be live AT 7 am on Sat Nov 24th. They will be here on my blog! CANT wait to see the deals you all pick up! See you all on sat!  SHOPSMALLSHOPSMALL

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Holiday mini sessions at Wild Hearts Farm **** UPDATE: we are all sold out!!!*****


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! YUP! ITS THE HOLIDAY SEASON now that its past Halloween!!!! I JUST LOVE this time of year! Its seriously so magical... And with this time comes family! SO here is the perfect opportunity to get some holiday inspired photos at a beautiful location in Puyallup! I have rented the studio so it will be nice and warm NO MATTER the weather outside! BUT know that there are also so many CUTE spots outside as well incase the weather is nice! Here are the details! (PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS THE ONLY OPENINGS I HAVE ON A WEEKEND DATE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!)

SUNDAY Dec 9th 2018 // WILD HEARTS FARM // $250 plus tax // 30 Min Sessions // 10 High res Images 


Enjoy these sweet photos of owen taken at Wild Hearts Farm a few days ago! OH and can you believe this cute face will be FIVE in just a couple weeks? Where does the time go? My baby is not a baby any longer... Weep weep! 


IMG_7844IMG_7844 IMG_7854IMG_7854 IMG_7851IMG_7851 IMG_7856IMG_7856 IMG_7859IMG_7859 IMG_7862IMG_7862 IMG_7866IMG_7866 IMG_7887IMG_7887 IMG_7890IMG_7890 IMG_7969IMG_7969 IMG_7982IMG_7982 IMG_8031IMG_8031 IMG_8025IMG_8025 IMG_8199IMG_8199 IMG_8158IMG_8158 IMG_8164IMG_8164 IMG_8168IMG_8168 IMG_8181IMG_8181 IMG_8176IMG_8176

How cute is my little stinker?!?


TO PURCHASE A SPOT! CLICK BELOW AND USE THE DROP DOWN TO PURCHASE! If it takes you back to my website then that time slot is taken! I will try my best to update below when someone books so you can have an idea of what times are left! 

9:30- Danielle T

10:00- Kari S

10:30- Tiffany P

11:00- Chris D.

11:30- Esther K.


12:30- Michelle D.

1:00p-melissa F

1:30p- Genese 

2:00- Mandi

TO BOOK: **update! We are fully booked! ****


TO all those that book! THANK YOU! I will send you an information email! Please email me if you have any questions:


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I cannot believe that it is already Oct 31st! I will be taking out a Skull Trooper (from fortnite) and the scream guy trick or treating tonight! I am sure I will post lots of photos! :) Here we come Sugar Coma! hahaha.

But with Nov 1st being TOMORROW I better get my behind in gear and start posting the tree farm mini session! This will give everyone ONE MONTH to get their session booked! They will be held on December 1st! This will be the ONLY tree farm mini session date so dont wait! I will still have my holiday mini indoor studio sessions that will be held on 12/9 and that session sign up will be posted sometime next week! These last two holiday sessions are the ONLY WEEKEND DATES LEFT AVAILABLE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR! So if you want updated family photos and need a weekend, DONT MISS OUT!!! 


Times available


10:00- Andrea s

10:20- Kerrie m 


11:00-Rachel W 

12:00-jessica L

12:20- Stachea 

12:40- Erica F

1:00 p- Lindsey 

Looking very much forward to see you all and hopefully meeting new people too! BOOK YOURS then SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS! :) 

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Senior Year Hey Everyone! 

HAPPY FRIDAY! Its a gloomy one here so I thought I would post some GORGEOUS sunny photos that show off my gorgeous senior! We chose the perfect fall day in a perfect fall location for her shoot. Washington really shows off in the fall time. Its my most favorite time of year. OR at least the start of it. I love Oct through Dec! 

SO meet Ashlynn! I am still in shock that she is a senior. BUT she is! So how I met her is that her mama used to run an amazing daycare that Evan went to for years when he was little. I think Evan was 3 when he started going there so that was a long time ago! Ashlynn was always one of Evans favorite! So now fast forward 6 or so years and here we are now photographing her senior year! 

We met at one of my favorite locations for fall photos and had just the best time! She is so grown up and fun to be around. She is driven and will go so far in this world! Excited for you my dear! 

NOW to show off her amazing photos! Take a peek! See for yourself how stunning she is....

IMG_3412IMG_3412 IMG_3419IMG_3419 IMG_3436IMG_3436 IMG_3441IMG_3441 IMG_3471IMG_3471 IMG_3445IMG_3445 IMG_3451IMG_3451 IMG_3463-2IMG_3463-2 IMG_3466IMG_3466 IMG_3500IMG_3500 IMG_3503IMG_3503 IMG_3512IMG_3512 IMG_3519IMG_3519 IMG_3526IMG_3526 IMG_3598IMG_3598 IMG_3613IMG_3613 IMG_3617IMG_3617 IMG_3622IMG_3622 IMG_3637IMG_3637 IMG_3650IMG_3650 IMG_3671IMG_3671 IMG_3678-2IMG_3678-2 IMG_3688IMG_3688

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What is coming UP! Hey folks!

I wanted to pop on here and share with you all the fun stuff coming up! This is the most wonderful time of year BUT also the busiest! Some of my clients and friends have asked me about my line up this year so I am creating this blog to let you all know about my upcoming fall/holiday line up!

So here it is!

FIRST UP! Some of you have already noticed, but I have some FUN pumpkin patch mini sessions coming up at a sweet little community patch here in Federal way! (AND THANKS to those who have already booked! I will be sending welcome emails soon! can not wait!)... If you missed the details to this first mini sessions you can see it here! There are a few spots left! BOOK SOON! :) 



NEXT will be my FALL MINI'S!

These are always SO much fun! The fall foliage is just unbeatable in the PNW! So its so fun to capture it in your family photos! They will be held EITHER Nov 3rd or Nov 17th. With ONE possible make up day (nov 18th) incase of rain. I am still finalizing the details. I will update as soon as I know! But it is for sure one of these 2. It will be held in the south king county area somewhere most likely between Kent and federal way ( I will be scouting the locations in the next month and a half to see best fall foliage and surroundings). 


Then a Family Favorite! TREE FARM Mini sessions!

These will be held on Dec 1st! These are held Rain or Shine! This is my ONLY date available for these tree farm mini session! Its a gorgeous location! The tree farm is just the best, an experience. I offer all my clients to stay awhile (before or after) their session and enjoy the farm. And if you get your perfect tree that day too, You get a photo bonus! :) Cannot wait for these!


IMG_4719IMG_4719 IMG_4725IMG_4725 IMG_4793IMG_4793

FINALLY a newer, but growing favorite to my line up, INDOOR studio Sessions at the BEAUTIFUL Wild Hearts Farm out in Puyallup! These are great because they are a gorgeous studio set indoors so weather is NOT a factor! Rain or shine we are all good AND the place is adorable! These will be Held on SUNDAY december 9th! NOW, this was the only date open for me to book and I know that its SUPER close to mid december. For these sessions I promise a 24 hour turnaround! Or lets say BY Monday night you will have your gallery ready! That way you can get them quickly so you can use them to order Christmas Cards! Here is the perfect 2018 holiday set (photo NOT mine). AND to see more you can see the farms blog post about it here!

holiday setholiday set And here are a few of my favorites of Owen last year too! (if weather is nice, we can use outdoor too). 

IMG_0326IMG_0326 IMG_0369IMG_0369 IMG_0355snowIMG_0355snow IMG_0389IMG_0389 IMG_0419IMG_0419 IMG_0470IMG_0470 IMG_0462IMG_0462

Alright! There you have it! I hope this is helpful! I cannot cannot cannot wait to get to see all of the familiar faces again AND meet new people too! Let me know if you have any questions! Otherwise I cannot wait to see everyone! 

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Pumpkin Patch mini sessions! HEY ALL! 

Alright, SO I mentioned on FB that I was thinking of having pumpkin minis and wanted to know if there was an interest!? AND SEEMS THERE IS. I reached out to a sweet local Church fundraiser pumpkin patch here in the federal way area about having my mini's there and they were delighted! AND I decided to DONATE at least $10 per session that books to their church/community garden fundraiser! What is their fundraiser for? Its to raise money for their community garden ( Check out their website for more info on the garden itself!

THIS pumpkin patch is so cute! I took my boys here last year and we loved it! It boasts a small, fun, community driven experience with great pumpkins, yard games, hay rides and more! There are also some GORGEOUS fall trees in the back ground so if you dont necessarily want the pumpkins we can use the trees and leaves as your backdrop instead ( see pictures below of my boys there last year) PLEASE NOTE: these are FUN, QUICK sessions so its best to pick one backdrop (in the pumpkins or back by the fall leaves- not a combo of both) AND come dressed in your fall best OR in a your halloween costume! 

Session details: 

PRICE $189 plus tax

Sat Oct 20th ONLY (And LIMITED number of sessions available)

15 min sessions, 8 high res digital images with personal print rights! PLUS BONUS: if you buy a pumpkin there before or after your session I will gift you 2 more images! (so 10 total) 

Plus 1/2 off extra image purchases and prints (have to be ordered through me)

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO make up days available for these mini sessions! I will be there rain or shine *UNLESS TORRENTIAL downpour/storm like weather, that could ruin my camera equipment. Should I cancel due to extreme weather then I will FIND a makeup date OR you will keep the credited amount for a future session. No refunds. 

Times: Every 15 mins starting at 11:15am to last session starting at 1:15p.  See Sign up/purchase button below to secure your time slot- 


I will try to update as slots are booked BUT just know if it redirects you to my website that someone has already purchased that session slot and try on another time!


11:15a Andrea Smolin!

11:30a Jen Kemp!

11:45a Kim MaGill!

12:00p Rachel and Mandi!

12:15p Kim V.

12:30p Open

12:45p Open

1:00p Open

1:15p Kelsey White!

Now here are some fun pictures from this patch last year with my two big boys so you can get a visual :) ENJOY!

IMG_9155IMG_9155 IMG_9196IMG_9196 IMG_9198IMG_9198 IMG_9200IMG_9200 IMG_9269IMG_9269 IMG_9298IMG_9298 IMG_9301IMG_9301 IMG_9317IMG_9317 IMG_9325IMG_9325 IMG_9337IMG_9337 IMG_9356IMG_9356


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Sunset magic HEY EVERYONE! 

Been a while on the blog posts LOL! (I literally start EVERY blog with this exact sentence hahahahahaha) I really do need to get more consistent (AND there is my second sentence of every blog LOL)... But its true. I really enjoy my job and I really get excited to share photos with everyone (thats why my instagram feed will blow up after sessions!!) so that I really need to just start blogging after my sessions. 

So most of you may know, but I am born and raised here in the beautiful PNW. And I am one of those "weirdos" that LOVES the gloomy, grey sky, cold and even drizzly days.  I could live in my rain coat and be just fine BUT the "gloomy" season is just long enough for me to crave some good sunny weather! AND cue in PNW summertime. We have the best summers! (everyone that lives here I know would agree). And there is nothing i love more than a photo session at sunset. Here is one we did a couple weeks ago at one of my favorite spots, Redondo. I have been photographing this gorgeous family for a few years and I never think we can top the previous session, but each time we get together we create some magic! Take a look....

IMG_4514IMG_4514 IMG_4539IMG_4539 IMG_4559IMG_4559 IMG_4579IMG_4579 IMG_4638IMG_4638 IMG_4750IMG_4750 IMG_4703IMG_4703 IMG_4787IMG_4787 IMG_4841IMG_4841 IMG_4882IMG_4882 IMG_4928IMG_4928 IMG_5046IMG_5046 IMG_5075IMG_5075 IMG_5097IMG_5097 IMG_5111IMG_5111 Summer evening sun makes a dreamy backdrop, dont you think? <3 I truly enjoyed this session and my time with this awesome fam. I am still booking sunset photos this summer BUT spaces are limited. Contact me now to book your session!


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WHAT A YEAR! IMG_6700IMG_6700 I cannot believe that this was the last day of my sons third grade year. And OH what a year! I believe that this is the first time I have written a whole blog post on this subject BUT i just had to, as I felt SO compelled to write about his teacher! NOW, let me first say that we have had such a great experience with all of his teachers at his school. Every year, he has a class and a teacher that gets to know him, understands how he works and helps push him and get him to reach his highest potential. I have gained relationships with his teachers since I have the wonderful availability to chaperone on field trips, help in class and more! That also gives me a "behind the scenes" look into the daily routines that our kids experience at school on a daily basis. Well this year was such a treat and I wish I could have helped more this year in the classroom.

This year, we had a teacher that exemplifies everything we want for our children's education. I wish that we could CLONE her OR even better, that she would just move up to teaching 4th grade so that we can have her again next year! Sadly I do not think either of those will happen. BUT when all the parents are crying on the last day of school you KNOW its because we are all wondering how any teacher from here out could ever compare.  IMG_4812IMG_4812

What made her so special? LET ME TELL YOU... Here is just a SMALL description of the things that I was fortunate enough to witness this year (and i know there are COUNTLESS hours of extras that she did that I will never know about): 

Aside from planning her lessons, she was the organizer of all the field trips! And when i say ALL Im talking about 6 or 7! YES that many! And before you gasp let me explain. She understands the importance of these outside, hands-on, in the real world learning experiences! Our children gain so much more from field trips that just the pumpkins they bring home, or the shows that they see. Im thankful for all the trips we made this year they would not have happened with out all her organization skills! IMG_9642IMG_9642 IMG_3101IMG_3101 IMG_6209IMG_6209 IMG_7754IMG_7754 IMG_6170IMG_6170 IMG_7737IMG_7737

She also organized what we call MARKET DAY! And this is such a fantastic and busy event. The students get to design and create a product, market the product to their peers, and then organize a booth to sell your product to the rest of the students. And the students get to keep all their purchases made with their BOBCAT bucks that were earned the month prior to Market Day by good behavior, staying on task etc etc... HELLO FUTURE BUSINESS OWNERS! 

I saw her attend and participate in many of the schools skate nights! We loved skating with her, and Evan loved seeing her outside of the classroom! it was a special thing! 

She hand wrote and mailed a thank you card to our home during the holiday break to thank us for the small gift Evan gave her before break. I know she got a lot of gifts and so that was a lot of cards to write.  Talk about the little things that add up to be the big things!

This was the FIRST year that I got to enjoy a Mothers Day Tea and a fabulous presentation. It was SO special and I am glad that I got to experience it and I am so thankful that she planned it for us!

IMG_3354IMG_3354 IMG_3331IMG_3331

She created memory books (literally so detailed and time consuming) for Evan and all the other students with all of their school year art work! It was SO beautiful and she took pictures of all the kids and all the events over the year and added them into the books! It was so perfect! I will cherish it forever!


Along with the last one, she took so many photos of the kids but what i thought was so cool was that she took pictures of the kids and their family at conferences and then had frames designed by the student set out around her whole classroom displaying all her students and their families for the whole year! That was fun to see every time I was in the classroom!


Every holiday (and most teachers do this but its oh so fun) she made it special! Whether it was Christmas time or Saint Patricks day it was always a fun event. See what her Leprechaun did to her room and my cute valentines at the special valentines party. AND she always remembered Owen and had something for him to have or do along with big brother (which is Owens Happy place-being alongside big brother). IMG_1412IMG_1412

IMG_0513IMG_0513 IMG_0523IMG_0523 IMG_0029IMG_0029 IMG_4808IMG_4808

Honestly I could probably sit here and come up with another full list of amazingness that she did but I will just close with this. She genuinely cares about our kids. She learns about our kids. She is known for having the most well behaved class and well that doesn't happen by accident, it comes from the structure and guidelines that she puts in place, her consistency and the trust she builds with her students. She truly is one of a kind and we will really miss her next year! Evan has grown educationally, emotionally, socially and physically over these past 9 month THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS for such a great experience. We hope you have a fabulous summer and get a chance to rest and have some great family time for yourself!

I hope the next group of kids and parents realize who they have next year and love you as much as we all did! 


Arms Family

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Kadie and Tanner // Engaged Love is in the air...these two cuties are tying the knot this fall and I was OVER the moon when she asked if I would be their photographer (Kadie is my cousin). Right away we planned her engagement session. Both her and Tanner love the PNW and being out in all its glory so we decided to go to Twin Falls in North Bend. Its a pretty accurate depiction of this beautiful state so we were happy! It even rained the whole session, so that was PNW-y too LOL. But we had planned for that and we were ok if it decided to rain! Which reminds me ya'll, I photograph year round, and so don't hesitate to book in the early part of the year! Some of my most favorite sessions have been captured in the first 3 months of the year! Anyhow, here are some of the photos from their beautiful PNW rainy day engagement session! 

IMG_1084IMG_1084 IMG_1086IMG_1086 IMG_1085IMG_1085 IMG_1104IMG_1104 IMG_1123IMG_1123 IMG_1148-2IMG_1148-2 IMG_1157IMG_1157 IMG_1160-2IMG_1160-2 IMG_1181IMG_1181 IMG_1190IMG_1190 IMG_1213IMG_1213 IMG_1227IMG_1227 IMG_1233IMG_1233 IMG_1245IMG_1245 IMG_1258IMG_1258 IMG_1289-2IMG_1289-2 IMG_1336IMG_1336 IMG_1344IMG_1344 IMG_1357IMG_1357 IMG_1362IMG_1362 IMG_1379IMG_1379 IMG_1397IMG_1397 IMG_1407IMG_1407 IMG_1418IMG_1418 IMG_1438IMG_1438 IMG_1451IMG_1451 IMG_1465IMG_1465 IMG_1476IMG_1476 IMG_1485-2IMG_1485-2 IMG_1502IMG_1502 IMG_1513IMG_1513 IMG_1521IMG_1521 IMG_1529IMG_1529 IMG_1537-2IMG_1537-2 IMG_1549IMG_1549 IMG_1559IMG_1559 IMG_1573IMG_1573


Aren't they they cutest? I really cannot wait for their big day! Are you getting married? Did you know that Engagement sessions and TWO photographers come standard in ALL our wedding packages at NO extra charge??? Still have a good amount of 2018 dates available! 


Angie (and Paul)

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My oldest turns NINE Well, I can't believe it but my oldest turned nine this past sunday! NINE! I feel like it was just yesterday that he was my beautiful, sweet little newborn baby, making me a mom. I have taken this role of mom very seriously since the moment he came into my life, AND i have based many of my adult decisions around what is best for him (and a few years later, his little brother). I may not make the most money, own an expensive house, or the coolest car but what i can say for sure is that he is in a house that loves him to his core (and even beyond that). That he is in a home that wishes nothing but the best for him. A home that cares about his safety, his education, his happiness. I hope he grows up a to be a good human. One that has manners. One that is smart and works hard. One that opens doors for strangers. One that does whats right not what is easy. Treats women with the respect they deserve. And a man that isn't afraid to stand up for what is right, show his emotions, and one that loves and gives generously. I know that he is only nine and it seems I am writing about the far future BUT these past nine year have been a BLIP and we are already HALF WAY to an adult Evan. HALF WAY! and the years seem to go faster and faster so my hopes and dreams for him now, for his future, seem ever so relevant. 

well like every year for his birthday I took some photos to remember this fun (and sometimes very frustrating) time in our lives as he turns nine! 

Enjoy (and I snuck a few of little brother in there too). IMG_0010IMG_0010 IMG_0050IMG_0050 IMG_0057IMG_0057 IMG_0068-2IMG_0068-2 IMG_0105IMG_0105 IMG_0129IMG_0129 IMG_0146-2IMG_0146-2 IMG_0229IMG_0229 IMG_0276-2IMG_0276-2 IMG_9623IMG_9623 IMG_9651IMG_9651 IMG_9693IMG_9693 IMG_9738IMG_9738 IMG_9764IMG_9764 IMG_9765IMG_9765 IMG_9789IMG_9789 IMG_9840IMG_9840 IMG_9942IMG_9942 IMG_9945IMG_9945 IMG_9977IMG_9977 IMG_9984IMG_9984 IMG_9994IMG_9994 IMG_9990IMG_9990

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LETS GET SHOPPING! Morning everyone!!! i am so excited about this and wish I thought of it sooner! I didnt have much time to get it out there on social media so hopefully some of you will see this! :) 

SO each option will have a FULL description! PLEASE read! Some restrictions/rules apply! TO purchase you will always click the BUY NOW BELOW the session described! IF it will not let you purchase and takes you back to my website, that means the product is SOLD OUT. 


Alright! Here are the SALES GOING ON! I will list them in order of most popular!!!!


ALL INCLUSIVE SESSION!!! $335 plus tax!!!! WOW, this is the BEST DEAL AROUND! It is for One Full session, location between Renton and Tacoma/Puyallup, includes ALL IMAGES fully edited and sent via digital download! MOST Important, its good for ANY time next year! NO BLACKOUT DATES/MONTHS!!!! 

THERE ARE ONLY 5 OF THESE AVAILABLE! to purchase click below


ONE HALF PRICE SESSION! yup only one! This includes one 60 min session, 30 high res images, location between tacoma/puyallup to renton, NOT AVAILABLE Aug/Sept/Oct weekends! (can use on a weekday).

ONLY ONE OF THESE! To purchase click below:


ONE $100 off Session! YUP only one of these too. This includes one 60 min session, 30 High Res images, location between tacoma/puyallup to renton, NOT AVAILABLE Aug/Sept/Oct weekends! (can use on a weekday). 

ONLY ONE OF THESE! To purchase click below:


2 $75 off Sessions. This includes 60 min sessions, with 30 high res images, Location between Tacoma/puyallup to renton. NOT AVAILABLE Sept/Oct weekends. (can use on a weekday).



2 $50 off Session. This includes 60 min session, 30 high res images, location between Tacoma/Puyallup to renton. NOT AVAILABLE Sept/Oct weekends! (can use on a weekday).




this is for those of you that purchased a black friday last year and didnt get a chance to use it! You can now extend your purchase to this coming year 2018! All same guidelines from last years purchase still apply just transferred to 2018!


Alright folks! THERE IT IS! Have fun shopping! CANNOT WAIT to photograph you all!!! Thank you all so much for supporting me and my little family through this amazing business I have built! It truly is such a blessing to have you all in my life! Hope you all enjoy your holidays!!! Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from our holiday card shoot!

IMG_2710IMG_2710 IMG_2718IMG_2718 IMG_2745IMG_2745 IMG_2725IMG_2725 IMG_2751IMG_2751 IMG_2757IMG_2757 IMG_2789IMG_2789 IMG_2799IMG_2799 IMG_2822IMG_2822 IMG_2859IMG_2859 IMG_2888IMG_2888 IMG_2910IMG_2910


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SO I know that I get so crazy busy this time of year! Owens birthday is nov 24th, Thanksgiving is Nov 23rd, Black Friday is also Nov 24th, My tree farm mini's are Nov 25th! WHOA.... And i always want to get owens party planned/situated, celebrate with family on thanksgiving, prep for all my amazing clients AND SHOP ?? maybe... Its just a lot. And so i starting thinking, it must be super busy for tons of people right now! SO in efforts to alleviate some of that holiday/shopping stress Im posting my specials TOMORROW MORNING! They will stay live through the rest of the weekend! 


There will be some AMAZING offers this year so I really hope that you will be able to take advantage of some of them! 


Check back here tomorrow morning at 7am! That is when the offers will be live! 




And now here are some cute photos of Owen's holiday shoot for your viewing pleasure! :)  IMG_0326IMG_0326 IMG_0416IMG_0416 IMG_0422IMG_0422 IMG_0425IMG_0425

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HOLIDAY TIME MINI SESSIONS ARE HERE!   tree farm mini flyertree farm mini flyer   

Hey there everyone!!! 

I say this every year BUT every year i mean it! I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! And these past 8 years or so, running my tree farm minis at my most favorite tree farm have created new special memories that are also associated with this time of year! And I am super excited to not only run my regular mini sessions at the farm, but I have also added a second day of holiday minis at a NEW and GORGEOUS locations as well! BOTH SESSIONS HAVE A GUARANTEED QUICK TURNAROUND so you can have your images in time for holiday cards!

Location ONE is Papa's Tree Farm located in Maple Valley! They will be held on Sat November 25th From 10a to 2p and are $225 plus tax! Sessions will run for 30 mins, will include 10 high res images sent via digital download, a guaranteed quick turnaround of finished images and DISCOUNTS on extra images! And you guys, I ENCOURAGE you to make a day of it at the Tree Farm with your family!!! They have a gift shop, face painting, train rides, and tons of gorgeous trees and more! We love hanging out there! We come on our own time to spend time there and to buy our tree there every year! AND IF YOU DO BUY YOUR TREE OR spend $50 or more in the gift shop you get a bonus 3 high res image!!!! You will not be disappointed! Their trees are the best!  I will post a picture of our tree from last year so you can see (sorry just a cell phone picture)! AND it lasted the WHOLE Christmas season and it was so gorgeous! OUR TREE: IMG_4730IMG_4730

and here are a few fun photos from past tree farm mini sessions!

IMG_0044IMG_0044 Z18A6036Z18A6036 yes one year we had snow! IMG_0680IMG_0680


SO to book one of our holiday Tree farm mini sessions the link to pay is here.. Use the drop down to choose time and proceed to check out! IF YOU GET TAKEN DIRECTLY TO OUR WEBSITE ITS BECAUSE THAT TIME HAS ALREADY BEEN PURCHASED! I WILL TRY MY BEST TO KEEP THIS BLOG UPDATED WITH SESSIONS TIMES STILL AVAILABLE! 


times available

Current Schedule:

10:00-Alena P.

10:30-Kerrie M.

11:00- Jessica L.

11:30- Molly O.

12:00-Judy O.


1:30-Stephanie D.

2:00p- Brittney W.


NOW for our SECOND choice for Holiday sessions!  I AM SO excited about this new location! They will be on Sat Dec 2nd!!  We will have the studio from 10a to 2p at Wild Hearts Farm located in Puyallup and the sessions will be $249 plus tax. You guys! This place is one of a kind! I have photographed out here twice now and i cannot (CANNOT) love it more. These will be indoor BUT you have the option to do your session outdoors as well if the weather permits! The indoor studio is GORGEOUS (think white shiplap walls, perfect cast iron bed, christmas wreaths and more). Then, the farm (outside) has EVERYTHING! A holiday inspired tree swing, a tire swing in a willow tree, a full on barn (yes the gorgeous red kind), grassy fields, gardens and more! THESE SESSIONS WILL INCLUDE: 30 min session, 15 high res images delivered via digital download, guaranteed quick turnaround of final images for christmas card ordering, and discounts on extra images! I have a feeling these will sell out fast! DONT WAIT! Here are some fun photos of owen at Wild Hearts Farm! SIGH........


the outdoor bed will be set up IF WEATHER PERMITS! If not, we have the bed inside the studio as well! :) IMG_0323IMG_0323

IMG_0321IMG_0321 IMG_0355snowIMG_0355snow IMG_0389IMG_0389   I will be posting more sneak peeks from this location on my instagram page! So be sure to follow us there! :)  owen really rocked this session! 


times available



Current schedule:

10:00- Tiffany P

10:30- Kari S.

11:00- Jessica F.

11:30- Jessica H.

12:00-Melissa F.


1:00- Erica F.

1:30-Andrea S.


Alright y'all! Cant wait! Book right away! And let me know if you have any questions!!!!!!!!


CHEERS! And here's to the holiday season! 



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Fall Mini Sessions are finally here 2017 FALL MINI AD2017 FALL MINI AD2017 Fall mini sessions This, as always, is my MOST favorite time of year! I just love everything about fall but mostly being able to photograph the amazing fall colors! 

I am still in the process of finalizing all the details BUT I have the dates and times so I want to get it out there to get everyone registered! The sessions will for sure have gorgeous fall leaves/colors and will be located south of seattle (maybe kent, federal way, auburn area) I WILL EMAIL YOU ONCE ITS CONFIRMED WITH PLENTY OF NOTICE FOR YOU! 

And for the first time, I am going to offer a few afternoon mini sessions (now pray for sunny fall day so we can get some golden hour photos!!!!) in addition to the regular morning time sessions! 


Dates- Fri Oct 20th and Sat Oct 21st

PRICE: $225 plus tax

20-25 min session (location TBD) 

10 HIGH RES images sent via digital download with full personal print rights 

Discounts on extra images 



TO BOOK A Friday session...CLICK BELOW and USE The Dropdown to pick your time slot (times are: 4p and 430_)



PNW mini times available




To BOOK A Saturday sessions...CLICK BELOW and USE the Dropdown to pick your times slot (Times are: 10, 1030, 11, 1130,12, 1, 130 and 2p







PNW mini times available


current session situation:


Friday October 20th

4p: Andrea S.





930: Nora R.

10a: Kim V.

1030a: Jon J.

11a: Michelle R

11:30a: Hannah M.


1p: Michelle R Guest

130p: Kat



Thanks so much everyone for your support and we very much look forward to photographing your beautiful faces this fall! 

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PNW specialized headshots Well hello and happy Wednesday! 

I blogging today to let you all know that we do company headshots (big company or small) and we specialize in outdoor headshot. We love where we live and work and hope that you do too. So why not showcase it when you do your headshots. Having an online presence is so great for your customers and YOU (and your employees if you have some) need to be the face of your company! 

We can also take detail shots for your website to help build a cohesive look throughout your store or website. You can use the detail shots for headers/footer, menu dropdown images and more! We have helps several large companies in bellevue and downtown seattle update their executive headshots, to small private gym owners, to law firms, and small business owners and more!

To give you one example I have chosen Courtney, a small business owner here in seattle, with her bio and her headshots taken. If you would like to see any examples of some of the other companies we have photographed for PLEASE EMAIL us and we can show you! We would love to get some updated headshots for YOU and your thriving business!


Doula and Owner of Courtney the Doula. Courtney became a birth doula in January of 2016 and has since pursued her passion for birth while educating, advocating for, and empowering parents who are preparing to venture into parenthood. Her passion is for women to see just how strong they really are and to create a sacred time for mother, baby, and partner to bond in this joyous time. Outside of the joys from birth, you may find her hiking, creating art through plants, eating delicious food (often prepared by her husband), sipping hot chocolate and tea, and enjoying the people who doula her through life. She lives in Seattle with her husband and sweet little chihuahua, and serve the greater Seattle area. 

You will also see in her headshots she chose to incorporate a Rebozo! (what looks like a scarf). This is a product that she uses all the time and so we thought it would be great to take some photos with it! (what is a rebozo? click here to see wikipedia's description :) 

If you would like to get in touch with Courtney about her services (i couldn't recommend any one any higher than I do her) clicking here is how to get a hold of her! or you can reach her by email: Or by phone: 206-851-6609

ENJOY! (Side note: It was raining the day of her headshots and since she and I both LOVE the PNW and all its glory (including the rain) we continued with the shoot! If you read my blog last week about shooting in the PNW you will see that I am telling the truth when I say I dont mind the rain!)

IMG_6246IMG_6246 IMG_6247IMG_6247 IMG_6250IMG_6250 IMG_6256IMG_6256 IMG_6266IMG_6266 IMG_6268IMG_6268 IMG_6296IMG_6296 IMG_6308IMG_6308 IMG_6316IMG_6316 IMG_6319IMG_6319

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high school senior photos at twin falls Happy Tuesday. I am really liking this whole blogging thing! yay! 

SO its no secret that I love photographing high school seniors! There is something special a young adult in this stage of life. So much excitement in their new chapter. More freedom, more responsibility, new opportunities and lots of new choices to make. 

For this session, we were able to travel up to twin falls in north bend. It provided such a beautiful backdrop that complimented this gorgeous senior! ENJOY!

IMG_0121IMG_0121 IMG_0017IMG_0017 IMG_0052IMG_0052 IMG_0055IMG_0055 IMG_0059IMG_0059 IMG_0171IMG_0171 IMG_0207IMG_0207 IMG_0075IMG_0075 IMG_0225IMG_0225 IMG_0238IMG_0238 IMG_0246IMG_0246 IMG_0259IMG_0259 IMG_0262IMG_0262 IMG_0286-2IMG_0286-2 IMG_0288IMG_0288 IMG_0324-2IMG_0324-2 IMG_0362-2IMG_0362-2 IMG_0455IMG_0455 IMG_0423IMG_0423 IMG_0391IMG_0391 IMG_0363IMG_0363 IMG_0377IMG_0377 IMG_0457IMG_0457 IMG_9961-2IMG_9961-2 IMG_9997IMG_9997





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he is a college grad Hey there! HAPPY MONDAY! Hope you all had a great weekend.

I am super excited to share this fun family session and college grad combo shoot. This sweet family choose their favorite city (and one of mine too) to photograph their photos, TACOMA! It was the perfect urban backdrop that they were looking for. 

This handsome young man just graduated from Seattle University! Congrats! How exciting and what an accomplishment :) It was so fun getting to know him and photographing his bright smile! Check it out!



Graduating college is such a special time!! If you have a grad, contact me and we will plan the perfect photo session to celebrate all their hard work! 


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sweet baby on the way Hello! HAPPY FRIDAY! YAY!

I thought I would leave you with a sweet maternity/family photo session. This mama to be is just glowing. And her big boy is sure ready to be a big brother! I am so excited for this family to become a family of four! Such a fun adventure and new chapter they are about to start!!! 

Please enjoy this sweet session! 


Loved this last one! His little smile is just contagious! If you are expecting a sweet little bundle please capture this special season in your life! CONTACT me now!


Cheers and have a great weekend!




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PNW family session Hi there! :) HAPPY MONDAY! Hope you all had a great weekend! I sure did... Maybe I will blog it soon!! 

One of my favorite things since starting my photography business is the location in which I live and I get to shoot in. I love (LOVE) the PNW. I even love the rain. And if its not an absolute downpour I tell my clients that I love photographing in the rain and if it is planned to rain that we keep the session (not to reschedule). I do usually leave it up to the clients but most seem to be receptive to the fact that they may have rain on their session day! 

Now I know its summer now, but we definitely have short summers here and fall/winter will be here before we know it (my busiest time of year) and so I though it would be fun to show such a gorgeous session, captured in the rain! :) TRUE PNW style! Enjoy! IMG_3406IMG_3406 IMG_3412-2IMG_3412-2 IMG_3416IMG_3416 IMG_3425IMG_3425 IMG_3432IMG_3432 IMG_3444IMG_3444 IMG_3464-2IMG_3464-2 IMG_3478IMG_3478 IMG_3484IMG_3484 IMG_3493IMG_3493 IMG_3504IMG_3504 IMG_3552IMG_3552 IMG_3559IMG_3559 IMG_3580IMG_3580 IMG_3591IMG_3591 IMG_3604IMG_3604 IMG_3623IMG_3623  

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birthday photos Hello again!!!

Im on a roll! Today I would like to blog about birthday photos! A ton of my clients have me take photos each year for their kids photographs at/around their birthday! Most have been doing it since birth and it a fun way for them to see the growth each year! As parents the days, months, and years go by so fast and its fun to be able to have beautiful photos capturing their quick growth. 

This is Payton and the crazy thing is, these are her 6 year photos! TODAY i will photograph her 7 year photos! I am just excited to finally share some of these photos because they are the cutest! Check out this little model! <3

Z18A1894Z18A1894 Z18A1902Z18A1902 Z18A1905-2Z18A1905-2 Z18A1914-2Z18A1914-2 Z18A1911-2Z18A1911-2 Z18A1921Z18A1921 Z18A1931Z18A1931 Z18A1959Z18A1959 Z18A1970Z18A1970 Z18A1952Z18A1952 Z18A1975Z18A1975 Z18A1992Z18A1992 Z18A2025Z18A2025 Z18A2034Z18A2034 Z18A2047-2Z18A2047-2 Z18A2038Z18A2038 Z18A2044Z18A2044 Z18A2090Z18A2090

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Miss Kadie UW graduate Hey again!

I am on to blog post number TWO! Whoo hoo! I am on a roll! hahaha

So for today, I am so so so excited to share these photos. This is my little cousin who we did COLLEGE senior photos! What an accomplishment! She has completed her degree at the UW Tacoma. Its crazy seeing her here, a college graduate, when I vividly remember her as a curly haired toddler who's smile could light up any room! (man, i am getting old hahaha). And so what is up next for this beautiful girl? MORE college! GO Kadie! You are going to do great and wonderful things in this life! 

So if you have a college grad, consider a fun photoshoot to celebrate this momentous event! Here are some of Kadie's photos! Enjoy!

IMG_3793IMG_3793 IMG_3799IMG_3799 IMG_3840IMG_3840 IMG_3830IMG_3830 IMG_3873-2IMG_3873-2 IMG_3925IMG_3925 IMG_3941-2IMG_3941-2 IMG_3897IMG_3897 IMG_3977IMG_3977 IMG_4009IMG_4009 IMG_4039IMG_4039 IMG_4022IMG_4022 IMG_4054IMG_4054 IMG_4080-2IMG_4080-2 IMG_4084IMG_4084 IMG_4089IMG_4089 IMG_4121IMG_4121 IMG_4136IMG_4136 IMG_4179-2IMG_4179-2 IMG_4191IMG_4191 IMG_4205-2IMG_4205-2 IMG_4265-2IMG_4265-2 IMG_4258IMG_4258

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Lifestyle newborns Hello! It has been quite some time since I have blogged on a regular basis. BUT I really do have so many fun images to share that I have made the decision to finally start blogging more! <3

My first post is about my newborn sessions. I do a fair amount of them and I thought it would be great to share a typical session with you. I only photograph lifestyle newborn sessions. What does this mean? It means I like to travel light, so I will really be only bringing my camera bag and then I like to use things you already have at home for your baby! The main rooms that they are photographed in are the living room, the parents room and the nursery. OR which ever rooms have the best lighting :) 

I like to incorporate mom, dad and any siblings in some of the photos. But its not always necessary. Your sweet baby also does not need to be asleep either. I like to capture what life is like now that you have a new baby in your life. And sometimes that means an awake or crying baby, and thats perfect. 

So without much more talking, here are some sweet newborn photos I was able to capture at the beginning of this year! :) 

IMG_6574-2IMG_6574-2 IMG_6583IMG_6583 IMG_6634IMG_6634 IMG_6615-2IMG_6615-2 IMG_6653IMG_6653 IMG_6662-2IMG_6662-2 IMG_6693IMG_6693 IMG_6710IMG_6710 IMG_6725IMG_6725 IMG_6761IMG_6761 IMG_6773-2IMG_6773-2 IMG_6795IMG_6795 IMG_6817IMG_6817

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Happy new Year! Well, now that I got my workshop blog post finished (find it here if you missed it) I want to take a moment and blog about our new year, plans for this year and just share some of my new years eve photos with you all! 

A few years ago, we started a tradition to do a "family explore day" on New years eve! I think this is the 3rd year doing it, and well, its my favorite! This year was especially memorable for me! See, my love language is Quality Time and one of my most favorite ways to spend quality time is exploring new or fun places with my 3 guys and my camera! HEAVEN! This year we chose to go mosey around Snoqualmie/North bend area. Now we have been to the falls, and have eaten at a restaurant there but never really just walked around the small town and it was so fun!  What a blessed way for us to close out 2016.  I bet like many of you, we are ready for the excitement of 2017. This past year has been a little bit difficult for us, but isn't it in the difficult times that you grow stronger? So as much as I am ready for 2017 I dont shy away from tough times before us.

"The pain that you have been feeling, can't compare to the joy thats coming" Romans 8:18.

And trust me, we went through some tough stuff. Emotional and physical, but we made it! Life always has a way of throwing us unexpected curve balls but its in those moments I try my hardest to see the long term outcome, the strength I can gain and the closeness it can bring to my family instead of the present confusion, hurt or pain. Its hard, but with steady prayer, and keeping connected and practicing an optimistic outlook to all situations helps! 

And 2016 wasn't all bad, I had one of my busiest years in my photography business yet! Such a blessing that came at the perfect time. I cannot express how thankful I am for all of my amazing clients (that I actually prefer to call my friends instead of clients). I met some of the most amazing people this year, as well as had the ability to see all my yearly clients! 

I am so excited for this year in my business as well! I am going to change a few things and add a few thing and move a few things and update a few things and remove a few things! LOL But seriously this year is all about focus, stream lining my process and booking more! :) So all in all, a little bit of everything is changing and well, change is good! Anyway, thanks for stopping by! 

Here are some of my favorite photos from our adventure! And here is to a fun, adventurous, mindful, successful and most of HAPPY 2017!

"God had planted GREATNESS in you. Let today be the beginning of a great adventure as you step into the gifts He has given you." - Joyce Meyer

IMG_5495IMG_5495 IMG_5507-2IMG_5507-2 IMG_5546-2IMG_5546-2 IMG_5552IMG_5552 IMG_5580IMG_5580 IMG_5617IMG_5617 IMG_5632IMG_5632 IMG_5649IMG_5649 IMG_5653-2IMG_5653-2 IMG_5656IMG_5656 IMG_5663IMG_5663 IMG_5659IMG_5659 IMG_5688-2IMG_5688-2 IMG_5690IMG_5690 IMG_5694IMG_5694 IMG_5742IMG_5742 IMG_5750-2IMG_5750-2 IMG_5775-2IMG_5775-2 IMG_5777-2IMG_5777-2 IMG_5789-2IMG_5789-2 IMG_5786IMG_5786 IMG_5819IMG_5819

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Learn your camera workshop!!! Hello everyone and happy new year! I hope you all had a wonderful, fun filled holiday with some time for rest and relaxation as well!

Here at Photos By Angie and Paul we had a delightful, busy, fun and restful (at times) vacation! It was much needed too! We are still taking a little more time off but will slowly start getting back to work!

Talking about getting back to work, I am SOOOO excited! We will kick off the year right! SO... For all of you that received a great camera for Christmas (or already have one), I am so excited to let you all know that I will be offering my 4th 'Learn your Camera workshop' at the end of this month!!!! This is a comprehensive class to give you all the basics in order to get you out of auto and start taking control of your photos. Learn what the numbers and buttons do on your camera and how to make them work to your advantage. Well talk about exposure, lighting and composition too. It will cover a LOT! Whether you are starting out in the photography industry (or thinking about it), or just want to take quality photos of your kid, or when you travel this class is for you! 

How will the day work? Its a day long class (around 5-ish hours give or take), held on a Saturday, where we will have a “class time” first, then we have some hands on learning time where you will take photos with me and then we will have an open discussion/ question and answer time at the end! We also serve light refreshments/snack and drinks through out the day! 

THE DETAILS: The class will be limited to 8-10 people to ensure an intimate group with lots of time for everyone. It will be held on Jan 28th in federal way area (final details will be sent out once you have purchased your seat!). And this will be the last class offered at the great price of $150! Sign up with a friend and you BOTH will get $10 off** YAY! Please email me if you have any questions. You can contact me HERE.

To purchase a seat:

And just for fun, here are a few of my favorite photos taken on my "family explore day" on New Years Eve! Lets start taking beautiful photos together!!! 



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Black Friday Deals Are HERE!!!! Alright everyone! Black friday deals are HERE!!! I am so thankful for ALL of you! My business has been such a blessing to me and my family and it is all because of my amazing and supportive friends {clients}

There are several deals! SO if the one you went for was no longer available be sure to check out the others!!! 



Im so excited to offer this special! It includes:

One hour session, great for family, engagement, couples, kids, maternity and lifestyle newborns (-not valid for High school seniors)

Location of choice between Renton and Tacoma/puyallup

30 HIGH RES IMAGES (normally 20 images!)

Downloadable gallery (no flash drive will be given)

**(valid for 2017 only, not available for weekend booking between 8/2017-11/2017)

TO PURCHASE 1/2 priced session click 'buy now' below

2. One $100 OFF SESSION** 

It includes:

One hour session, great for family, engagement, couples, kids, maternity and lifestyle newborns (-not valid for High school seniors)

Location of choice between Renton and Tacoma/puyallup

30 HIGH RES IMAGES ( normally 20 images!)

Downloadable gallery (no flash drive will be given)

**(valid for 2017 only, not available for weekend booking between 9/2017-11/2017)

To Purchase: click the 'buy now' below


It includes:

One hour session, great for family, engagement, couples, kids, maternity and lifestyle newborns (-not valid for High school seniors)

Location of choice between Renton and Tacoma/puyallup

30 HIGH RES IMAGES ( normally 20 images!)

Downloadable gallery (no flash drive will be given)

**(valid for 2017 only, not available for weekend booking between 9/2017-11/2017)

To Purchase: click the 'buy now' below



one hour session

location of choice between renton and tacoma/puyallup

ALL IMAGES FULLY EDITED WITH PERSONAL PRINT RIGHTS! (HUGE SAVINGS!!! TONS OF PHOTOS) No needing to pick only 20 or 30! You get the all! This is the BEST deal! 

Download link (no flash drive will be sent)

NO BLACKOUT scheduling can use ANY time all year! 

To Purchase: Click 'Buy Now' Belowe (only a few available)


4 custom hard stock postcard pack created from our sister company Two sides Collide (all from images I have taken)

ONLY $10!!! 

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 11.45.35 AMScreen Shot 2016-11-24 at 11.45.35 AM

To buy postcard pack click buy now below!

6. LEARN YOUR CAMERA WORKSHOP (class sometime early next year, next class looking to be end of jan!) for ONLY $149 per person!!!!

This is an all afternoon class designed for you to learn the basics of your camera! Start taking better images with your camera! Capture those vacations, your kids, and pets all year long! 

Class includes:

class time where I teach about the basics

handouts of all material covered in class

light refreshments and drinks

hands on learning where we take our cameras and photograph together

question and answer time

Normally $199 per person! LIMITED SEATS PER CLASS SO BUY NOW!!!

To get your seat now click 'buy now' below!!!


There you have it everyone!!! Thank you for your support and love! It is received and cherished! CANNOT wait to photograph you all!!! Happy Thanksgiving weekend and HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!


(Photos By Angie and Paul) Wed, 30 Nov 2016 18:25:10 GMT

Can you believe that the holidays are actually already here????? Who is ready for some turkey!?! I know I am!! And gravy, and mashed potatoes and PUMPKIN PIE!!!

But when Thanksgiving comes that also means Black Friday comes too! yahoo! I have some great deals coming this year (just like last year) And I will have them GO LIVE at 7a Friday morning (i wont make you get up earlier than that!)! LAST YEAR the top 4 deals sold within 4 mins! I couldn't believe it! And that was at 6a! SO SET YOUR CLOCKS OR REMINDER so you can get one of them! 

I will post on this (NEW) blog (i know, i have a million but my two sides collide blog doesnt allow me to post paypal buttons so i had to create this new one) and I will share it on FB as well with a link so you can find it easily!!!

HOWEVER... if you prefer to skip the black Friday alarm clock setting and hoping you get the good deal before someone else, then this deal below is for you! From now until friday night I will have available FIVE ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES up for grabs! These are ONE HOUR SESSIONS UP TO 7 PEOPLE WITH ALL IMAGES INCLUDED! Thats HUNDREDS of dollars of savings! No more having to choose only 20 images! I had a few clients purchase these last year and they all told me how much they LOVED NOT HAVING TO NARROW DOWN THEIR IMAGE CHOICES! It is a fabulous deal and you can get it now (THERE ARE ALSO NO "BLACK OUT" days for booking them either! All the other Black Friday sessions will have some small form of scheduling restrictions- NOT THESE! Any open date they are good for for all of 2017!) 




(Photos By Angie and Paul) best black coming deals family friday holiday photography photos photoshoot soon thanks Tue, 22 Nov 2016 20:26:47 GMT
thank you for your black friday purchase SO STINKING thankful to all of you that purchased a black friday special from me! I was overwhelmed with how many of you were ready to purchase right at 6 am when the blog post went live! MY.HEART.IS.FULL.... I will be emailing you all your certificates prob in early Jan! Seriously! THANKS

Hope you all have a fabulous HOLIDAY season! We are going to get our tree tomorrow!!!! Yahoo



Angie and family Z18A3953-EditZ18A3953-Edit

(Photos By Angie and Paul) black friday thanks Sat, 05 Dec 2015 05:31:58 GMT